Jan Mikš Grahics Designer Prague Logo Design

Logo Design

Here should be a text about LOGO DESIGN. Something like: “professionally looking vector designs –  both print and web ready to use, logos that are created according to customer´s wishes. Nothing googled or stolen cliparts. Millions of satisfied customers, blah, blah, blah.  And it is affordable of course. But the text was supposed to be longer. And more appealing.  

Jan Mikš Grahics Designer Prague Web Design

Web Design

Right here you supposed to be reading very creative and witty text about WEB DESIGN. Short text about variety of great looking but still affordable websites that I create. As you all probably know what I want to say, I decided to put in some lorem ipsum instead, just to save you time and to make copy longer. But SEO would suffer.  I should at[…]

Jan Mikš Grahics Designer Prague Print Printing Design

Print Design

And now let’s move on to something very different:  PRINT DESIGN. Magazines, leaflets, posters, CDs and book covers, booklets, wobblers and soooo ooooon or as other print designers say: from a business card to billboards for example. Simply anything (with the exception of wedding announcement cards – I hate them and I can’t draw doves). There are no limits…[…]

Jan Mikš Grahics Designer Prague Photographer Photography Microstock


First of all: Buy royalty free STOCK PHOTOS & VECTORS directly from the artist! In particular – buy royalty free stock photos & vectors from me on  jamstockimages.com as long as it is online – it’s not easy to run an online business in Europe for non-bookkeepers. It’s even so not easy that I don’t sell images directly to EU[…]